You are Probably Thinking to Yourself, “do I really need to use SoundTrack Boss Ultimate Collection?”

The simple answer is Yes!

You need to use this collection of tracks. You might think “oh, I’ll just use that Soundtrack from another persons video or that hit song… but if you do that you will be risking a ton!

By using SoundTrack Boss Ultimate Collection you will get to enjoy so many benefits:

You will avoid copyright fines.

Copyright fines are painfully costly. If you are sued for infringing copyright laws you risk getting fined up to $150,000 for every case. That is a lot of money that you can save by just using this collection of 100% original and loyalty free music.

You will save a lot of time.

That’s because rather than wasting so much of your time scrolling through audio track websites in an attempt to find the perfect audio for your next video, having this collection of ready to use audio tracks will ensure you spend most of your precious time creating new quality videos.

You’re going to save yourself a bunch of money.

Most stock audio’s sites charge a minimum of 10 bucks per track! And even after paying those very high prices you are still not sure of the validity of the licenses. By using this soundtrack collection you will spend much less money and get yourself a ton more tracks.

You will be at will to keep your videos live on YouTube.

If the background audio you use is not licensed you risk having your creative work discarded by YouTube or having them muted. This muting of the YouTube videos will greatly reduce the number of views.

You will be a license owner of 249 background tracks. Owning the license is very critical, but also not that easy. By using this collection of 249 background tracks you will be a licensed owner of your audio tracks.

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    But what about those royalty-free music websites?
    Do you do you know that Royalty free music is not really royalty-free?
    As confusing as it is , that’s the fact.

    With just a little bit of research, it came to my realization that the moment you download royalty free music tracks from anywhere; the song has a fine print inclusion in the license that will give you the rights to use it. That fine print is what you really need to look at.

    Mostly, the person who created or composed the music must still be paid, or at the very least credited. There have been instances where marketers or in this case the video producers bought royalty-free music, used it in their videos, and upon uploading the videos to YouTube; the videos were either taken down or muted without notice. It’s really painful and tough to see something you have worked very hard on thrown away like garbage. All because of a fine print in the license.

    The point here actually is that you must follow guidelines. If your YouTube account has a very large following of very active fans who leave you many comments and your using YouTube to showcase your work; then you need to maintain the account well and make sure you don’t get banned for copyright violations.

    If you put your YouTube account at risk, you put your business at risk; you put your website traffic from videos at risk, and you put your bottom line at risk.

    Don’t risk losing your fans your clients your prospects or your traffic. I don’t want to see you lose money, and I am sure you don’t either.

    If you violate copyright laws, the other party has the right to sue you. You could be fined for copyright infringement amounting to $150,000. Look up the copyright act for yourself. The fines vary from his low as $200 if the violation is innocent up to as much as $150,000 if the violations are willful.

    Are you really willing to risk any amount of money over a simple audio track?

    As you can understand the process of acquiring royalty-free audio tracks to use in your videos can be a serious pain. And that is not mentioning the prices you will be charged per song by most stock audio websites. Some of these websites quote very high prices ($19 to $69 per song and $99 for a small pack of songs!!??). Do they think we’re rolling in money? If you’re using videos in your business you’re going to be using a lot of background music. Do you really want to be paying up to $69 per track? No, I wouldn’t either!

    Do you know where the license is for the audio you used in your last produced video?

    Have you delivered video projects to your clients without proper background audio track licensing?

    Do you wish that there was an affordable, easy-to-use, high-quality, royalty-free audio track music collection available to you on your computer right now?

    Then, the SoundTrack Boss Ultimate Collection is exactly what you need.

    In this collection you get:

    100% Original and Royalty-Free Music tracks that can be used as many times as you want.

    You will no longer have to worry about potential fines, or having your YouTube videos or account suspended!

    And, forget about paying ridiculous money for single-use music licenses from those expensive audio stock sites.

    How can I use it?

    • YouTube and Vimeo videos, etc.
    • iOS or Android mobile apps and games
    • Video and Audio Sales Letters
    • Content for spoken word
    • Audio backing tracks
    • Radio ads
    • TV commercials
    • Video postcards and emails
    • Business presentations
    • PowerPoint or Keynote presentations
    • Podcasts
    • Screen Casts
    • PDF documents
    • Audio books
    • Logo stings
    • On-hold music
    • And so many more!

    Get yourself the SoundTrack Boss Ultimate Collection now!

    FAQ’s answered

    In how many projects can I use each track?

    Your license enables you to use a single track as many times as you wish for personal projects. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

    Do you offer a money-back guarantee on the product?

    Because of the nature of this product, once we sell the collection to you, that is final. We have provided you with A video showcasing samples of the tracks in the package. This should help you know about what to expect. Since the files are provided in .mp4 or .wav formats the tracks should work on any device or application.

    How much will it cost me to use a track?

    Nothing. There are no recurring charges. Once you buy the collection all of the tracks are yours to use, as you like.

    Is there any license documentation that comes with the collection?

    Yes. There is no guesswork. Along with your purchase you get a PDF document that states the rights you have regarding the use of your license. In your personal projects, you can use the tracks in any way you wish. You are not allowed to give away or sell the tracks.

    Get your SoundTrack Boss Ultimate Collection now!

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